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Tired of feeling cooped up at home while dreaming of living an adventurous life?

Maybe it’s time to turn off the tv and get outdoors?

Adventure Is Waiting.

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Quality Built In Kingdom City, Missouri.

What first began as a small, start-up business in founders, Jeff Baker’s garage has grown into one of the USA’s premier makers of custom teardrop trailers. Built within two state-of-the-art shops, the home of Hyk Outdoors LLC sits on 4 acres in the heart of America, Kingdom City, Missouri. To provide quality teardrop campers to anyone who desires adventure in an efficient yet comfortable way to spend time outdoors.

If you’re like me, you love spending time with your family while camping outdoors. But in order to do that, it meant that you had to endure the challenges of “tent camping.” The problem is, tent camping just isn’t any fun as it requires too much work. Planning, and packing, then unpacking, so you can “sleep” in an uncomfortable tent, only to pack it all back up, head back home, to unpack it once again. It’s inconvenient. It’s uncomfortable. It requires too much work. Especially when your family is included. Eventually, after several failed attempts, my wife and I decided that tent camping was just not an enjoyable option. So instead of spending time outdoors, which I love. I found myself content just sitting at home, binge-watching Netflix, while dreaming of someday living an adventurous life.

Jeff Baker

Owner and Founder, Hyk Outdoors

At Hyk Outdoors Teardrop Campers, We get it.

We believe you should have a simple yet efficient way to experience the outdoors’ amazing beauty but still get a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Tired from being cooped up, Founder Jeff Baker began to search for an alternative to tent camping and eventually discovered teardrop campers.

“When I first saw a teardrop camper trailer, I knew that it was the solution to tent camping that I had been searching for. With the full-size bed, the rear galley kitchen, and ample storage space, I loved the idea and efficiency of it being packed up and ready for adventure. All we would have to do is grab a couple bags of groceries, hook-up, and go.  

So, because I’m a DIY kind of person and want to save some money, I decided to build one. Which is what I did, or tried to anyway. I didn’t have the right tools, I made mistakes (a lot of them), and when I finished that first trailer, I simply didn’t like it. I knew if I could get a second chance and somehow get the right tools, I could build a teardrop trailer, I would be proud to pull anywhere.” – Jeff Baker 

What first began as a search to enjoy the outdoors in convenience and comfort with his family has now turned into Hyk Outdoors Teardrop Camper Trailers. Today Jeff is even more passionate about helping people like you discover and enjoy the outdoors’ amazing beauty. 

Whether you buy, rent, or build, the process is simple to get the Teardrop Trailer you need.

Just select your model, choose your options, and then start your adventure. 

And, once you “Start Your Adventure,” you’ll have taken that first step to live a life that others envy.

You and your family deserve to create memories that will last a lifetime while spending time outdoors. A Hyk Outdoors Teardrop Camper is a quick grab-and-go solution to tent camping so you can relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

Built With Precision

Teardrop Camper Trailers You Can Depend On!

Regardless of where the adventure may take you, you need to know that your teardrop camper trailer will keep up. Built rugged-tough and road-ready, you can relax and explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing your teardrop trailer is built to go wherever you may lead.

Built To Last

Discover Your Adventure

Step 1


Choose Your Teardrop Camper Model

Choose Your Teardrop Camper Model

Do you see yourself rolling down the highway or “boondocking” off-road?

Step 2


Choose The Comforts Of Home You Require

Choose The Comforts Of Home You Require

Do you need a fridge/freezer, cooking stove, side awning or even a hot shower?

Step 3


Set Out On Your Adventure

Set Out On Your Adventure

Grab a couple of bags of groceries, hook-up, and your off!

3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer

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3 Benefits To Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer!

Select Your Path


Purchase a Completed Trailer

Pull the comforts of home into the outdoors with A Hyk Outdoors Teardrop Camper Trailer.  An affordable and comfortable way to enjoy your time outdoors when camping. 



Try It Before You Buy It

Experience the Teardrop Life before you buy. Renting a teardrop camper trailer is a great way to escape the mundane and discover what options you require before building or buying your next teardrop camper trailer. 



Build Your Own

If the words “some assembly is required” doesn’t intimidate you?  Then a Hyk Outdoors Teardrop Camper Trailer Kit is the perfect solution to appease the DIY’r in you. Precision cut, quality crafted, and ready to be drop-shipped at your front door. Go from kit to camping in a matter of days/weeks, instead of months/years.


3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer


3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer

Discover why camping with a teardrop camper trailer is superior to tent camping and even camping with an RV. Learn what it means to live "the teardrop life!"

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