How to build teardrop trailers at home

For some people, the cost of purchasing a new teardrop camper may be quite high. But the cost of a camper should not be one of the reasons preventing you from owning a camper. Luckily, there are teardrop trailer kits for sale that can help you build your homemade teardrop trailer. In this article, we will look at some of the steps when building your Missouri teardrop trailers. Here are the steps that you should follow.

Step 1 – construct the frame
You can buy teardrop trailer kits for sale and then use the kits to construct a frame. Find appropriate lengths of rectangular steel bars or tubing for the perimeter. Cut them appropriately at an angle. You should wear appropriate body gear when cutting the steel bars to prevent skin damage from the sparks. Then, arrange the cut pieces on a flat surface and weld them together to form a perimeter.

Step 2 – attach the trailer tongue
Cut pieces of metal and use them to make the tongue. You can follow the manual in the teardrop trailer kit for sale if you need specific dimensions. Or you can adjust the dimensions based on your preferences. You can then make a notch in the tongue and the rear beam so that they can fit perfectly over each other and then fit the notches together and weld the tongue to the trailer bed.

Step 3 – build the cage and the tailgate
The cage top that you construct should be the same size as the perimeter of the trailer. The standard metal tubing will work for the cage top. After confirming your measurements, you can weld them appropriately to each other. A tailgate is made from metal bars and then fastened to the trailer with the door hinges.

Step 4 – Install the axle and the wheels
This is usually the last step. When you buy teardrop trailer kits for sale and follow them through, you will find it easier to install the axle kit that you have purchased from the hardware store. Sometimes you can rely on old car axles when you are hard-pressed for cash and you cannot buy a new axle. The axle and the tires usually contribute significantly to the overall weight of the homemade teardrop trailer.

With your homemade camper ready, you can start looking around for the best towing vehicle with enough engine power to tow your camper.

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