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3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer

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3 Benefits To Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer!

The Ridgerunner

This retro highway-ready teardrop camper trailer is perfect for a weekend getaway or extended time exploring the open road. Whenever the mood strikes The Ridgerunner is ready to “grab and go!” Enjoy the outdoors with comfort and convenience. Starting at $9,950.

When Pulling The RidgeRunner,
The only thing between you and adventure is the open road.

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Haven’t you watched enough Netflix?


Get outdoors and really live.

Adventure is waiting.

      The Ridgerunner

The Chassis

  • 2″x2″ steel welded frame
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Timbren 2000# axles
  • 15″ wheels and tires
  • 2″ receiver coupler


  • USB or 12v outlet
  • 2 reading lights
  • Interior dome light
  • Fantastic Fan (3 Speed, reversible)


  • Detachable custom side tables
  • Locking T-handle latches on galley
  • Choice of red, blue, black, or white finish (custom colors available)

100AH AGM Battery

Adventure Is Waiting

When pulling The Ridgerunner into the outdoors, you’ll have everything you need to relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Perfect for longer trips or a quick weekend getaway. Stocked with your favorite items, The Ridgerunner is conveniently packed and ready to roll when the mood strikes. Imagine sitting around the campfire, laughing and telling stories, as you enjoy delicious meals prepared using your rear galley kitchen. With a 50-inch countertop, cooking stove, and, if you desire, even a kitchen sink!
And when that last flame of the campfire flickers, turn in for a comfortable night’s sleep on your full-size bed. When you own The Ridgerunner, you’ll experience camping in a whole new way.

Discover Your Adventure

Step 1

Choose Your Teardrop Camping Trailer Model

Choose Your Teardrop Camping Trailer Model

Do you see yourself rolling down the highway or “boondocking” off-road?

Step 2


Choose The Comforts Of Home You Require

Choose The Comforts Of Home You Require

Do you need a fridge/freezer, cooking stove, side awning or even a hot shower?

Step 3

Set Out On Your Adventure

Set Out On Your Adventure

Grab a couple of bags of groceries, hook-up, and your off!

Since 2018 we’ve helped others like you to relax and enjoy their time outdoors.

“As a father, I wanted to spend time outdoors with my family and create lasting memories. But after enduring a weekend of tent camping I thought “does it really have to be that hard?” – Jeff Baker, Founder, Hyk Outdoors

There is nothing like being outdoors!

I love the outdoors. I love waking in the morning, that first cup of coffee, breathing in the crisp cold air, walking along creeks and streams, and hiking mountain trails with my wife and kids. As a father, and probably just like you, I want to create moments my family will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The struggle with tent camping.

So at first, my wife and I tried tent camping trips with our family. Unfortunately, waking up that first morning is when the reality of tent camping sets in. Your back hurts. You didn’t sleep well. There were bugs and creepy-crawlies everywhere. The kids complained all night about being hot. And as you try to untangle yourself from your sleeping bag and begin the slow crawl out of the tent to eventually stand up, you remind yourself that your “making family memories” and “having fun.”

After several weekend trips, I realized I want “the fun.” I just don’t want to deal with the stuff required to have “the fun.” So even though I love being outdoors, I found myself content to just sit at home, because camping with my family was just too hard.

It was the struggle of loving the outdoors, but feeling cooped up at home that eventually led me to search for an alternative to tent camping. That is when I discovered teardrop campers.

Finding a better way to spend time outdoors.

Because I’m a Do It Yourself kind of guy I decided that instead of purchasing a finished camper, I would try to build one instead. And even though I had limited resources and tools available, I build my first teardrop camper.

And I didn’t like it.

But I knew that if I could get the tools to build it right, and use the knowledge gained from the mistakes I made building that first trailer, I could build a teardrop camping trailer I would be proud to pull anywhere.

That first teardrop trailer was built over two years ago, and today I’m passionate about helping others to discover the life of adventure they desire.

Helping you find your adventure.

Today Hyk Outdoors offers three convenient options for you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

  1. Purchase a Completed Teardrop Trailer.
  2. Rent a Teardrop Camper and experience the Hy Outdoors difference.
  3. Build your own with a DIY Teardrop Trailer Kit.
3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer


3 Benefits Of Owning A Teardrop Camper Trailer

Discover why camping with a teardrop camper trailer is superior to tent camping and even camping with an RV. Learn what it means to live "the teardrop life!"

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