Renting vs Buying a Teardrop Camper trailer – which is best?

You may want to go out on a camping holiday, but you are not sure whether you should buy a teardrop camper trailer or just rent one. What is the determinant of whether to build or buy? We already know that teardrop campers are compact and small. Which means that they can only accommodate solo travelers, couple travelers, or those travelling with a small family – preferably a maximum of four. We also know that the lightweight nature of tear drop trailers makes them easy to tow with even some of the smallest RVs.

But where do you draw the line between renting and buying a teardrop camper trailer. Here are some of the things to consider.

Are you planning on long-term minimalist off-road living?
The duration of your vacation or stay inside a teardrop trailer might determine whether you buy or rent one. If you are just going on vacation once a year and you probably would not consider such a method of vacation in the near future, you are better off renting a trailer. Buying one may mean that you are overpaying for something that you probably will use for just a few days.

But sometimes the utility of amping teardrop trailer stretch beyond the number of days you will use the trailer. Some people prefer the convenience of using their own things and not being answerable to anyone incase of an accident. If this describes you and you can afford buying a teardrop camper trailer then you can just go ahead and buy one.

Can you afford long-term rentals?
One thing about teardrop rentals is that they are only the cheaper option when you are renting for a shorter period. But when you are hoping to stay offroad and minimalist for a considerable duration such as a year or two years, you probably would benefit from buying one than going for a tear drop camper rental.

The challenge of teardrop rentals is that you do not get to customize the trailer or make significant changes to the interior design to the trailer because you do not own it. But tear drop camper rentals will save you the costs of maintenance that is often associated with ownership of trailers.

Teardrop rentals are the go-to options when you want to go camping for s shorter duration. But if you want to a long-term minimalist living experience with the comfort associated with using your own things then buying a trailer would be the most ideal for you.

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