What to Expect With a DIY Camper Kit

A DIY camper kit can be a great way to save money on your next camping trip. These kits come with all the supplies you need to put together your camper, and they often cost less than buying a pre-made camper. However, it is essential to know what to expect before you buy one of these kits. We will discuss the different components typically included in a DIY camper kit:

1. Pre-Cut Plywood Pieces

A DIY Squaredrop camper kit includes pre-cut plywood pieces that have already been optimized for strength and weight. The kit has all the necessary screws, bolts, drill bits, and other hardware to complete your camper assembly.
These are essential components for the camper's frame and flooring. You'll also receive a detailed set of instructions to help guide you through each step of the assembly process.

2. Interior Trim Pieces

When you choose a DIY Squaredrop camper for sale, you'll receive several interior trim pieces to complete your camper's look. These include trim pieces for floors, walls, ceilings, and items like cabinet doors, hardware, window treatments, and more—all the pieces you need to give your camper a custom look - without breaking the bank. With quality materials such as birch, pine, oak, and bamboo - you can trust that your camper is built to stand the test of time. Plus, all trim pieces are pre-measured and cut for easy assembly.

3. Door Locks and Hinges

While installing your DIY camper kit, some essential elements are door locks and hinges. Safety and security for you and your campers are essential on the open road. Make sure to purchase quality door locks with heavy-duty stainless steel construction for maximum durability. Also, choose durable rubberized hinges that can withstand various climates and conditions. This will provide added protection for your camper and ensure your door opens and closes smoothly.

4. Stove, Sink, and Faucet Fixtures

Lastly, a DIY camper kit will provide you with the necessary stove, sink, and faucet fixtures to complete the interior of your camper. This includes all the piping, valves, water pumps, installation parts, and components for a secure fit when installing each piece in your custom-built camper. These items are designed to make your camper efficient and comfortable while on the road. In addition, you’ll need to purchase any additional items, such as hoses, clamps, or fire suppression systems necessary for safety when using gas appliances.


Call HYK Outdoors for the best camper kits on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced camper, our DIY camper kits will have all the essential parts and materials to make your camping dreams a reality. With easy-to-follow instructions, plus helpful customer support staff available for advice, you can build your own durable and efficient camper.

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